MEORC Receives High Marks From Social Security Audit

On March 29-30, 2017, the Social Security Administration performed an extensive audit of the MEORC Payeeship Service. As an approved Social Security Organizational Authorized Representative Payee, MEORC undergoes this type of audit at least every 3 years. The audit resulted in high marks related to the efficiencies, organization and responsiveness of the service delivery.  It speaks volumes about the dedication of our Business Team to have received the audit with no findings for corrections or follow up items requested.

The audit also includes interviews of those receiving the service and it was reported to MEORC that all who were interviewed gave a positive review of our services. This is the fourth Social Security audit of the our Payeeship Service in the last 9 years and all have been extremely positive. The Social Security Administration reviewer stated, “We appreciate your cooperation and the time you took to meet with us. The services your organization provides to Social Security and SSI beneficiaries are very important to the community.”

This service is deployed through our Office of Business. Anggie Khalil, Fiscal Specialist, and Denise McGough, Secretary, provide the service in a customer-focused manner.  The service is currently being provided in 10 counties with 118 people receiving this service. If you are interested in learning more about this service, please contact Anggie at 740-397-4733, ext. 109
Natalie Lupi, Executive Director of MEORC added, “this is another example of the great customer service and excellence that MEORC staff strive to achieve in the organization. When we focus on meeting the needs of the customer, we see positive outcomes and I am so grateful and appreciative of these dedicated employees.”