Our Baldrige Journey

Posted on February 03, 2020

Our Baldrige Journey

MEORC’s Baldrige journey began in 2007 by learning about Quality concepts and staff participating in Quality Foundation Trainings. Afterwards, process improvement efforts were launched internally with good success and MEORC knew that this was the right path. MEORC Leaders became involved with The Partnership for Excellence (TPE) and were trained to be Examiners. Trained examiners help an organization identify its strengths and opportunities for improvement. The examining team develops a feedback report to the applicant organization, allowing them to continue on their journey towards world-class performance.

In 2011 MEORC furthered the involvement with TPE through “Advising.” Advising is for organizations that are new to the Baldrige program. A professional coach worked with the team to further explain the Baldrige Excellence Framework and helped draft a 5-page Organizational Profile. Once completed, TPE Examiners provided written feedback. MEORC successfully completed the Advising level process and received “Spirit” award recognition at TPE’s annual Quest for Success Conference on September 11, 2011.

On September 11, 2011, MEORC received Spirit award recognition at The Partnership for Excellence conference in Columbus, Ohio. Accepting the award is Tim Spitzer, MEORC Executive Director.  

In 2014, MEORC successfully completed the Partnering level process and received “Pioneer” award recognition at TPE’s Quest for Success Conference on 9/15/14.

To learn more about TPE please go to:  The Partnership for Excellence.