Our Journey to Becoming a Person Centered Organization

Posted on February 03, 2020

As an organization supporting county boards, providers, community entities, individuals and their families, we believe it is essential that all our employees are empowered, supported and encouraged to use their gifts and talents to embrace the meaning of being a Person Centered Organization.  It is through our daily practices and interactions with each other and our customers that we can help spread the concept of Person Centeredness, so we can provide valued and quality services that support people to pursue the life they desire. We believe it starts with each of us individually and organizationally by being intentional  embracing these key concepts.     Being a Person-Centered Organization at MEORC means everyone is empowered and encouraged to use their gifts to:

  • Build relationships that focus on employees and customers
  • Listen, Act and Be Honest
  • Continuously learn and make simple changes or push for more complex changes
  • Act and make decisions that balance what is important to and for employees, customers and our organization
  • Communicate openly and without jargon