Accreditation Mastery

Expert support for your DODD Accreditation reviews

We believe minimum compliance does not lead to happy lives. We support counties to be in a constant state of readiness which reduces stress and increases success. Accreditation is always a moving target and we have a pulse on what is most important to DODD reviewers.

Our Lead Accreditation person, Nathan Mutchelknaus, posts information regarding all things related to Accreditation. Check out and subscribe to the channel.

Accreditation Mastery

Statewide data shows that counties who use the Accreditation Mastery product have fewer citations and increase likelihood of obtaining 3 Year Accreditation.

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Accreditation Mastery

Accreditation Mastery

Steve Long

Director of Operations


Thank you for a job well done working with us on accreditation. Your assistance is a critical component in making sure we are on the right path to a 3-year accreditation.

Michael ZinnoMichael Zinno
Superintendent, JCBDD

​I just wanted to let you know that your staff has been of great assistance to us as we prepare for our Accreditation scheduled for next week. They do a great job and need to be commended!

Helen RingHelen Ring
Superintendent, Monroe County Board of DD