MUI Investigations

Record of success with 24/7 staffing

MEORC’s Specialized Investigative Agents provide consistent investigation practices among 18 County Boards with an 18-year track record of quality services. County Boards need not worry; MEORC investigations generate great working relationships with oversight and community agencies. Our 3rd party investigations administer findings and identification of the causes, eliminates perception of biased investigations and possible conflict of interest. MEORC provides 24/7/365 staffing to support the MUI processes. Our leverage as a group at the state level produces excellent record of successful DODD Quality Tier and Accreditation reviews. Enhancement includes MUI data services and reports. Utilizing years of local, regional, state, and comparative MUI data, MEORC will assist County Boards in identifying the cause and contributing factors, provide direct intervention, analysis, and preventative solutions for individual, region and system change to better ensure health and safety.

MUI Investigations

MEORC maintains a team of Investigative Agents to complete Major Unusual Incident (MUI) investigations in accordance with OAC 5123:2-17-02. MEORC Data Scientist and investigative experts collect MUI and UI database and provide analysis of this data along with Data Warehouse. Provides standard scheduled reports.

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MUI Investigations

Kurt Smolira

Director of Investigative Services