Person Centered Organization Development

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Do you have a person-centered organizational culture that promotes person-centered practices throughout your entire organization? Does your organization use the Good Life to create a culture of great customer service? Are your organizational practices, policies, and employee evaluations completed in a person-centered way? Not sure? We can help you develop a plan to ensure your entire organization is person-centered.


MEORC is supporting the Holmes County Board of DD to become a person centered organization, here is what has been done so far:

  • Created a team of employees including front line staff, leadership, person centered thinking coaches and Goodlife facilitators,
  • Evaluated and identified strengths and weaknesses of the organization in regards to Person Centered Practices and Principles,  
  • As a result of a Kaizen event the team developed a two-year plan to ensure the entire organization has Person Centered Practices in place,
  • The 9 key areas of focus:
  • Voice of the Employee
  • Employee Recognition
  • Employee Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Policies, Procedures and Organizational practices
  • Person Centered Thinking Coaches and Goodlife Facilitators
  • Hiring Practices
  • Strategic Planning
  • Culture of Innovation

Check back to learn more about their journey!!

Person Centered Organization Development

MEORC’s highly trained staff will assess your current organization to determine how well you have imbedded person-centered practices into your organization. We work with you to develop a plan that will address any weak areas and build upon your organizational strengths.

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Person Centered Organization Development

Person Centered Organization Development

Steve Long

Director of Project Management and Innovation